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TO.TEM S.r.l. Corso Castelfidardo 36, Turin, Italy

Italy / Manufacturer / Vehicles

Foundation year: 2020

TO.TEM – Torino Technologies and Electric Mobility, founded in October 2020, is a mobility hi-tech startup that pursue the mission to develop innovative customer centric micromobility vehicles that will be produced in Italy.

TO.TEM MTP, where MTP stands for Massive Transformative Purpose and is the WHY every employee like to work in TO.TEM, the WHAT every employee is committed for and WHAT inspire us, is “Moving People For An Easier Life”.

We want to transform mobility so that people and commuters can move seamlessly and safe in any environment focusing on the long term to a fully inclusive mobility concept.

Our first vehicle, LYNX, is a three wheeler eScooter that has born from an intensive market analysis, that is exploding and is representing a clean mobility alternative for commuters.

The issues of today mobility solutions are the lack of safety, the lack of stability and the lack of a fully circular design approach. Moreover, the product quality lacks an high level of perceived quality, that we are committed to give.

In TO.TEM we have 3 pillars that guide us to solve the above mentioned issues:

  • Safety: Any product that we develop is designed to be safe and secure
  • Circular approach: We develop a clean mobility vehicle that shall embody our green attitude also in the materials and into the recyclability and circularization of raw materials
  • Innovation: We develop outstanding new products, with features none have such our AI collision alert system

TO.TEM is a startup of 5 people that was born from the innovation team of Punch Torino, it represent an example of technology transfer and innovation. Our idea is to mix the agility of a startup with the strong automotive background.