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Shin Software

Via De Filippi 5, Lesa, Novara, Italy

Italy / Design & Architecture Studio / VR & AR

Foundation year: 2011

Shin Software was founded in 2011 with the aim to bring the expressive, communicative and emotional power of videogames’ 3D graphics used into the business world.

We have been able to reach this goal -also known as gamification process- thanks to the constant commitment and hard work of our dev team.

The outcome of our efforts is SHOWin3D, an advanced content management and application building platform able to replicate any product, process or environment with a perfect match between aesthetic and functionality.

The cloud architecture used to store and distribute the contents and the powerful and elastic ruled-based engine capable of generating and managing millions of data-driven real-time 3D configurations, make of SHOWin3D a cutting-edge asset in the tool-box of the next-generation marketing & sales department.