EVER Life Design

EVER Life Design

Via M. Curie 7, Mantova, Italy

Italy / Manufacturer / Bathroom Furniture

Foundation year: 2014

EVER Life Design® is a project result of the intuition of a businessman and a businesswoman, located in the area of Mantova, who have been involved for years in the production of accessories for bathroom with the brand Thermomat.

Treasuring their know how, Rossella Ragazzi and Jacopo Antoniazzi, in 2011 create a new project called EVER Life Design® that will be presented at Salone del Mobile in 2014.

EVER Life Design ® : Il design bello e buono

In 2011 was born the project with the aim to fulfill a demand of products able to combine safety and functionality together with design and aesthetic. We started with proposal that was very well received by the market.

This achievement lead us to create a real brand starting a cooperation with different designers.

At the beginning was created EVER, by defining starting from the name the desire to realize accessories “for all” regardless of the age and mobility; EVER borns to answer to the needs of the family by creating quality products able to follow people in the different phases of the life, following the change of the need in order to guarantee always safety and autonomy.

At the very beginning the idea was to create objects aesthetically nice with a strong design, suitable also for people with reduced mobility. Too often, in fact, these products are focused exclusively on safety, and they do not have an aesthetic sensibility.

The project receives a lot approval and at the first Salone del Mobile was presented with the name EVER Life Design® highlighting even more the desire to offer objects that are pleasant, functional and durable over the time, with guarantee of safety and comfort.

In this phase the brand develops different collections and accessories suitable not only for the bathroom, but home in general.

The products EVER Life Design® are focused on the well-being of people in the whole home, by maintaining the high quality of the Italian quality. This is how new objects are born with an essential design and focused on the satisfaction of the real needs of people, in all phases of their life.

How we grew up

From the concept of the design for all we moved to a concept of functional design, in which the same object can be useful for the satisfaction of different needs of all the people in different spaces.

EVER Life Design® is also focused on another important concept: the versatility, through which the same object is useful and acquires a new identity according to the spaces in which it is inserted.

For EVER Life Design® the product is not an end in itself, but it takes an additional functionality: this is why a towel holder is also a shelf and handhold, a washbasin can be amazingly soft thanks to the use of the polyurethane, and a stool can be a waterproof seat for the shower and at the same time a small table for the living area, or a light can be also handhold and towel holder at the same time.

Multifunctional, a word that means also accessories for all the ages, suitable for different uses and contexts, from home to contract.

The brand EVER Life Design is focused on the proposal of new multifunctional accessories for bathroom and home, combining safety and comfort with design and the quality of Made in Italy.

All these features has allowed us to win prestigious award like the Honorable Mention Compasso d’Oro ADI and the National Award for Innovation.


Listen to changing times and real needs has always been one of the most important value of our brand and our products, developed taking care to the real needs of everyone.

Home wellness evolution is the contemporary vision of EVER Life Design that sees the person as the heart of home, a functional and tidy home: a new enhancement of the body and the space.

Home as an hybrid space in which multiple needs and people live together, a new philosophy that follow the well-being, at 360 degrees, thanks to the use of accessories and objects able to generate satisfaction and active care to the needs of everyone.