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Urwahn Bikes

Lorenzweg 43, Magdeburg, Germany

Germany / Manufacturer / Bicycles

Foundation year: 2017

We are a crazy team of thinkers and pioneers, consciously breaking with traditions and thinking outside the box!

The name Urwahn is not without reason composed of the terms URban and WAHNsinnig – insane. We strive for perfection and live the beauty and simplicity down to the smallest detail.

Driven by the idea of taking urban mobility to a new level, we have designed a bike that is specially adapted to the everyday conditions of the city.

During the development process, we did not only take into account the user’s needs in terms of functionality and performance, but also placed great emphasis on an aesthetic design and a sustainable value chain.

Advanced technologies and well-thought-out design merge to create a unique organic 3D-printed frame with high recognition value, which brings with it a multitude of integrated technical features.

With a passion for technology, quality, seamless design and the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we have developed an innovative urban bike that offers a variety of smart technical solutions as well as room for emotions, riding experience and sustainability.

As technology pioneers, we want to mobilize people in urban areas with smart, fair and customized solutions. In product development, we always put the user in the center and analyze his or her everyday usage scenarios to ensure frustration-free and intuitive product use.

Our Urwahn Bikes not only prove to be the perfect companion for exploring the urban environment, but also every Urwahn Bike is subject to a fair, transparent and sustainable value chain.

Even though the bicycle guarantees emission-free transportation, the bicycle industry largely dispenses with sustainable production and material properties. Contrary to the industry standard, the innovative Urwahn steel frame is manufactured entirely in Germany.

The final assembly of our Urwahn bikes is also subject to very high-quality standards and takes place near our headquarters in Magdeburg.

The filigree drawn tubular profiles form the basic structure of our innovative steel frame.

The elastic rear end guarantees dynamic manoeuvrability and compensates for uneven road surfaces for the benefit of driving comfort.

The frame itself with its composition of first-class recyclable tempered steel and the elastic rear suspension provides a completely new and comfortable riding experience.

In the production of our frame, we use the tool-less manufacturing of the most modern metal 3D printing processes. With our 3D-printed steel frame we are the first bicycle manufacturer to produce bicycles in series in this way.

Through the use of 3D printing, we were able to create a unique bike in monocoque optics, which at the same time guarantees a smooth ride.

Furthermore, all smart technical features have been integrated in such a way that the purist look is not spoiled.

Our goal is to get the best out of our bikes and to fulfil all our customers’ wishes. Therefore, we have built the production of our bikes based on lean manufacturing principles. We produce on demand, so that we can respond to all customer wishes and at the same time ensure resource-saving production.