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via Zona Industriale Nord 54, Spilimbergo (PN), Italy

Italy / Manufacturer / Materials and Surfaces

Foundation year: 2007

Lamitex creates decorative surfaces with a highly innovative content. Thanks to exclusive technology which guarantees the very best technical and quality performance, Lamitex laminates offer extraordinarily realistic visual and tactile sensations.

Current issues, such as the protection of the environment and nature, as well as the health of people and all living species, are not new to Lamitex, a company which was created with the desire to offer the market an alternative covering material with an ultra-low environmental impact.

Lamitex products are a perfect example of Italian excellence in interior design. The meticulous attention to quality and detail in the production process guarantees a final product with unique stylistic and technical features.

Lamitex laminates are the ideal solution for designers and interior decorators who are looking for cutting-edge products in terms of quality, flexibility of use, range of finishes and with an emotional impact, capable of satisfying a wide variety of aesthetic needs.

CLPL® Continuous Low Pressure Laminate is the exclusive technology by Lamitex with a high level of know-how that gives decorative laminates an ultra-realistic look by reproducing and highlighting the features of natural materials. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the material, it is the number one choice for interior vertical surfaces.

CLPL® enhances the materiality of decors, giving our surfaces unparalleled visual and tactile effects.

Lamitex decorative laminates come in a large selection of decors, backings, finishes and embossing, providing customised solutions whatever the aesthetic or functional need.

Synchronized pore technology recreates the grain, contrasts and tactile sensations of different wood surfaces with total realism.

Lamitex products have always been free from polluting agents such as phenols, PVC or melamine, with no formaldehyde added during the production process. This environmental philosophy has always been a hallmark of the company. Our decorative laminates also offer the safety and control of the FSC® supply chain.

The choice of paper as a raw material and excluding plastic, together with the aesthetic result and flexibility of use, makes CLPL® perfect for creating a coordinated and sustainable Total Look.

The exclusive process allows an optional CLPL® decorative embossing to be applied, highlighting the texture and depth of the play on light, to achieve incredible realism. There are 8 different embossing available on request.